With this whitepaper we hope that the readers have now a better understanding of what Cuffies is all about and what we aim to achieve.
The team has been developing this project for a long time conceptualizing and analyzing every idea and perspective that can lead to the project’s growth and we believe it has the potential to become a big name in the DeFi Industry.
Cuffies Startup concepts have been validated since the start by our amazing community and everyday more people start to see the value in this project, which is the proof that we are working in the right direction.
This is a long-term project and we want to guarantee the continuous growth and development of the Cuffies Startup. For that, we established for the token and the app to be directly connected, ensuring that with the growth in users of the app, more funds are added to the token, increasing the token value.
From a standpoint that it is an innovative utility-based token that has the structure, know-how, and capabilities to be able to keep releasing content and implementing new activities, we can only expect to expand and scale the project for the long term.
Stay tuned with coming news regarding the Cuffies project by joining our platform at or our live chat community at @cuffiesofficial on Telegram.