Introduction to Gameplay
Each player entering "The Singularity" , is gifted a deck of 40 randomly generated cards containing Energy Spells, Artifacts/Equipment cards, and useful starter creatures each one with unique abilities to give each player a free, playable base to begin Link Battles and embark on their journey to the The Tournament Of Champions.
Upgradable NFT cards will be purchasable on the NFT Marketplace launched on the Binance Mainnet, operating through our native website and cannot be traded outside of our platform to ensure a closed system and the protection of Celestia's Game Economy.
Basic non-upgradable cards to synergize and power-up your deck will be purchasable (inside the game) with “Gems” – the in-game currency of Celestia and is swappable with $CUFFIES. NFTs will act as Champion cards and be integrated in the Main Deck .
P2E and Matchmaking There will be two primary functions to earn GEMS, in-game currency that is swappable with $Cuffies and $Celestia through the treasure/loot menus, so . The first way to earn is by completing Daily/Weekly Quests which will be represented in a dashboard around the user-profile.
The second is by winning online multiplayer battles which will grant experience to increase player/NFT level while also earning GEMS. Loot will drop more frequently, as players will unlock multipliers, scaling as users grow in level. This accumulated player experience determines matchmaking ranking. This is called Aura.
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