Cuffies NFTs

NFTs are the future of digital art and are gaining a lot of attention lately, it enables artists to make content/art that no one can forfeit with the help of the blockchain technology.
People can buy and trade these digital contents in NFT Marketplaces (like the one Cuffies will have soon after the token's launch) easily making it more accessible to people and changing the way we interact with digital art. This can be a truly revolutionary industry that might see a good growth in the next years and that’s why we decided to bet on it.
Cuffies NFTs will be unique pieces of art that people can trade on the Cuffies NFT Marketplace resulting from partnerships with designers and community members.
Our exclusive Cuffies NFT collection will be inspired on the content creators of our app and even allow their holders to earn a share of the creators revenues. How?
The process is simple. You choose the NFT from a creator you like, investing on the creator, earning a percentage of the content sales, subscriptions and even tips at Cuffies App for as long as you hold the NFT. Of course, this share is collected from our fees, never affecting the creator’s income. With each NFT sale, the creator portraited gets a share of 50% of the NFT price. Bet on the success of Creators by buying their exclusive NFT all while earning passive income.