Marketing Strategy

This is a summarized version of our plans to present the project, including the app, the token and the startup to the whole world.
We are a DeFi startup.
Our marketing will be segmented to different markets. Cuffies is a DeFi Social Startup, meaning our efforts will be in first growing the community around the project, our investors base, advertise to content creators and to potential users of the Cuffies App.
By advertising to different markets, we can increase our pool of potential users. We are not confined to worldwide cryptocurrency adoption. We seek to be the ones to drive audience through the crypto market, through user acquisition for the Cuffies App.
We are aware of the funds required to take the Cuffies brand worldwide. The full conceptualization of the $CUFFIES token was thought with these factors in mind. The fees at every transaction are in BNB, allowing us to have funds on the marketing wallet to finance all marketing operations without hurting the token price.
Our marketing is focused on:
- Making $CUFFIES a respected cryptocurrency
- For Cuffies App to become a top app on all devices from iOS, Android and PC
- For the Cuffies Startup to be seen as a top tech player
Summarizing a bit of the next steps, the first months after the $CUFFIES token launch will be fundamental to bring the Cuffies Brand to a vast pool of potential investors.
To grow the community has been our priority from start, many months before the launch of the token.
There is no social media without a community. The early adopters play a fundamental role on taking initially the Token, and then the App to the next level.
Always keeping the transparency, commitment and professionalism, we aim to keep growing our community through press releases, influencer marketing, word-of-mouth, viral social media campaigns and through ads.
The key is to keep on delivering. Investors want to see fast results; we are aware of that. Our Roadmap is structured for the taste of every investor. We aim to deliver on a regular basis to keep updating our holders with new addictions for the Cuffies Ecosystem.
Many out of the box initiatives will be organized.
There will be strategic investments on press releases and a vast bet on digital marketing.
The goal is to be a known name on the cryptocurrency market.
There are many projects with phenomenal potential in the industry and we believe we can be on that list.
To be perceived as a respected currency, we are aware of the marketing investment required for such a challenge. The full conceptualization of the $CUFFIES token was created with these factors in mind.