Mechanics and NFTs
Upgradable NFTs Each NFT will not only have its own lore that’s apart of the bigger story of Celestia, but each NFT will also be upgradable by sacrificing Celestia Tokens (BEP20), creating a deflationary economic loop. Upgrading NFTs allows your card to gain new abilities/combinations, skins to be equipped, and become boosted with increased attack and defense. There will be 10 stages available for each NFT:
-Bronze, Copper, Iron,
-Silver, Gold, Platinum
-Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald,
Each card will feature these 10 Stages as their Gemstone Slot on each card to represent the current stage to opposing players while adding aesthetic elements to the NFT/UI interface.
The cost and process to upgrading NFTs can be found in the Economics & Scale Section.
The Tournament of Champions
The Ultimate Battle as created by the nascent and playful Celesté upon her birth by the Meta-Council - This is a battle of wits, dedication, and survival where only instinct will prevail. The singuarity provides haven for the competitions participants, each from their own unique universe with different characteristics.
This Tournament for high-ranking players exists as weekend event, where A3+ players will be able to compete for prizes and win exclusive collectables. All streamed on Cuffies E-Sports.
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