Cuffies is a DeFi Social Startup aiming to build the future of content monetization.
Through the Cuffies DeFi Social and Live Streaming App, we are redefining how people monetize their content.
A platform where you can monetize your content through the Cuffies Ecosystem. A tech startup that from start has been focusing on building a strong community of supporters and investors aiming for the long-term growth of the project and where every investor and member gets a share of all transactions powered by our crypto token $CUFFIES and revenues of our coming App.
Cuffies is a company powered by people that aims for global adoption through the Cuffies App, a platform to follow, connect and tip everyone, where content creators receive 90% of all content purchases and tips.
Cuffies App seeks to be the go-to place for creators and users to interact. A startup that unites Live Streams, NFTs, exclusive Content Creators, Videos, Photos, Games and Social Interaction in one place. We aim to be the largest Social Platform in the DeFi world, with respect and security at its core.
A growing entity betting to explore opportunities, with special focus, on the DeFi market.
The $CUFFIES token presents an opportunity to invest on the potential of the Cuffies Startup, by a disruptive interconnection among the Startup and the Token.