Cuffies App

At Cuffies, we are creating a unique-style platform to connect users and creators. Why should you pay just to access content of one star, when you can see them all? A monthly subscription to have access to thousands of premium content from different content creators around the world in an app that will be fully available on iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.
Feed Section
Where you can see content from the creators that you like
Livestream Section
Where you can find livestreams of the creators that you follow and explore new ones
NFT Marketplace
Where you can trade NFTs and even mint your own NFTs
Discover Section
Where you can find new creators to follow and discover new content
Features and Advantages:
In the coming Cuffies App you will be able to follow your content creators for free, purchase custom content from your favourite content creators with $CUFFIES, allowing safe payments through the blockchain, watch Livestreams and tip creators, message users, share at your profile your thoughts and your favourite content and invite your friends to get paid. All of this 100% anonymously.
Our content creators will be verified ensuring no impersonations occur and they will have support 24/7 from our team as for all app clients.
Premium members will also be able to directly message creators and will have zero ads, will have access to a range of features that will be announced soon.