A project of this size requires a strong goal-oriented and solid team prepared for the challenge with skills in different areas.
Our Core Team has been dedicated to developing the concept and ecosystem since May 2021.
Cuffies is a global brand with roots in every continent from start and will continue to expand the team as the project grows.
Duarte Baltazar - Founder
Startup and crypto enthusiast. Founder of Cuffies. Management and Economics degrees. Based in Lisbon, Portugal.
David Caldeira - Co-Founder
Electrotechnical Engineer with experience in strategic management. Based in Lisbon, Portugal.
Marco Failache - Tech Development
Telecommunication Engineer and Blockchain Developer. Based in Portugal.
Slavko - Operations
Operational Manager with more than 20 years of experience managing operations in the private sector and on the US Government. Based in United States.
Daniel - Financials
Economist and Debt Researcher. Financial Lead at Cuffies. Crypto analyst. Based in Brazil.
Lucas Philipovsky
Master Chemical Engineer. Also a Designer with marketing experience. Based in Brazil.
Mann - Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Specialist and Website Developer. With 4 years of experience managing websites marketing and SEO.
Rob - Strategy
Master in Computer Science and Finances. Worked as a Microsoft cyber-security consultant and also has experience with digital marketing and advisory.