Economics and Scalability
Celestia Token
Celestia Token will act as an intermediary between the Cuffies main ecosystem and the new economy of Celestia, interwoven at key points, to shift our P2E model towards sustainability.
Our mission is to provide an E-Sports and Entertainment product that is accessible to new users, brings dynamic art and game mechanics, and rewards players for participating with unique multiplayer experiences. We have implemented Celestia Token so that is not reliant on exponential volume to be profitable to holders, while retaining the stability of price action through systematic balancing.
Players once onboarded will be earning our in-game online centralized currency, GEMS, that can be used for upgrading NFTs, to pay out rewards, and can be swapped for $Celestia on our in-game swapper (coming to CuffiesChain soon). A percentage of all NFT transactions will be used for Celestia liquidity.
Tax breakdown below:
Buy/Sell Tax: 12%
Revenues on NFTs: 85%
Gems are swappable with both $Celestia and $Cuffies Upgrading NFTs requires the sacrifice of gems to upgrade their NFTs. Players will be able earn this ratio of Celestia every 24 Hours. Players will utilize mana, or energy to engage in multiplayer battles. Players may also earn special aura multipliers (ex. x.5) to increase Profile and NFT level dependent on level and class
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