Scalability and Mass Adoption

A social platform needs people.
At Cuffies we know that and that is why from the start we are betting on growing our community of users.
Our plans to grow the popularity of the Cuffies App and Token require a strong investment on marketing to take the app to our target users.
The whole structure of the Cuffies Ecosystem allows to build on top of the $CUFFIES token.
First, we grow the token in popularity, first promoting our project to investors already in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
This is not the final goal.
These are our goals, of what we seek for the future of the Cuffies Project:
- We have an App with an integrated system for non-crypto users to be able to pay with fiat currency and get $CUFFIES token.
- We have an App where Creators and blogs are sending users to our app, through referral systems
- We have a loyal base of investors and members
Our goals go beyond BSC.
By having the investors and the new members at the app coming for the content at the $CUFFIES App and not directly to invest on the project, we have a vast audience of new people using the $CUFFIES token as a medium of secure transactions through the blockchain.
The objective is so to go beyond BSC and create our own chain and exchanger.
A chain will add a new degree of legitimacy.
Regarding the exchanger, the process is simple. We will be receiving fiat payments converting them to $CUFFIES. This is what an exchanger does. So, the long-term goal is to add these features to the app, hence making Cuffies a strong player on the DeFi Industry.
The path is long in order to get the licenses to operate as an exchanger, but this is not an immediate objective.
Assuming the app is as entertaining as we project, and we keep on betting on solid marketing, we will be receiving much more traffic than any other cryptocurrency project.
The universe of crypto users is still small relative to the social media market, and by combining both we are opening to a broader audience of potential users, representing a potential bigger audience of holders for the $CUFFIES token, people who will be using the token to tip and receive tips at the Cuffies App.
Cuffies App will be a key on the mass adoption of our token, by offering a service through the blockchain.
Last modified 11mo ago