Content Creators

At Cuffies the main purpose is to benefit all content creators because they will be one of the main pillars of this startup so we always developed the project thinking about how we can make Cuffies more attractive to them in comparison with other competitors.
In the Cuffies App, everyone can be a creator as long as they verify themselves and we always encourage people to share their content because this is what unites more people in social media.
Advantages for content creators:
In our coming App content creators will have a fresh platform where they can build their name and reach a bigger audience, where they can monetize their content (videos, GIFs, photos) and host live shows.
They can also set the prices for the tickets, sell merchandise inside the app, sell their own NFTs (or ask us to make some for them) and connect their social media profiles all of this while they don't overpay on their content fees.
We also advertise their content for free and of course we have support 24/7 for all content creators.