Lore and Setting
Become a Master of Link Duels It all started with Celeste, The Goddess of Creation. She was gifted an empty universe called "The Singularity" to impose her will on by the Cosmic Council - the group of MetaGods who are the incarnation of multiverse itself.
Celeste at heart is a playful young Goddess, so she created a dimension where all beings across the multiverse can be free to battle and earn a place in the ultimate showdown: The Tournament Of Champions. The Prize? A Single Wish.
As word is spreading across the multiverse, gods, warriors, and creatures representing their worlds are undertaking the journey to The Singularity with the intention to win the wish of Celestia. Climb the ranks to qualify for the Tournament Of Champions. Build and upgrade NFTs to create vicious combos and create harmony through your deck to overcome your opponents.
Each NFT has a Story
LEVINE, God of Harmony: Originating from a dystopic, cyberpunk universe filled with crime, Levine knew to survive he must gain control of his environment. He taught the people justice through obtaining ultimate power, and is now the Ruler of Kyron. He is always considerate of others, but any sign of malice - you will be terminated.
  • Each Collectible Will Feature A Comic Series and Storyline!
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