Mission and Core Values

Cuffies mission is to connect creators with fans, through a secure, intuitive and low-fee platform.
Our goals are ambitious. We seek to make Cuffies a global brand and a leading DeFi Player, exploring opportunities from NFTs to Live Streams and Games. Where every user, gets a share of all the revenues, through the $CUFFIES token.
We believe in transparency to all users, creators, and investors. All is explained in detail to investors and all users. We think that cooperation with the community is fundamental. That is why we promote, on a regular basis, contests to let the community participate. We always embrace new ideas that may add value to the project and discuss them, through meetings and polls.
We believe in freedom of expression, if legal and not hateful.
We reserve the right to ban illegal content, but we will never ban content creators for expressing their opinions, or content. It is not our objective to moderate the behaviour of creators.
We believe that data belongs to the users, we do not share any data with third parties.