CryptoCurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market has reached new levels that were previously unimaginable years ago. Bitcoin, the first and biggest crypto asset in this market, appeared only 13 years ago, which compared to other financial assets used in the global economy, makes it to be at an early-stage.
Currently (December 2021), this market has a market capitalization of approximately UDS 2.5 trillion, which equates to the most valuable company in the world - Apple.
Given its rapid advancement, we can still expect a great growth in this new market, where every day we have new features and new assets being added, such as DeFi and NFTs.
If we compare the cryptomarket as a whole to Apple, we realize that only one company in the USA market has its market value equivalent to the entire cryptoasset market, an indicator of the absurd growth potential with the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, backup by institutional investors and through regulation.