Content Monetization Market

The emergence of content creators is directly associated with the increased use of the internet and social networks, which is growing. Several platforms have emerged and are benefited through this new independent content creation activity. Whether on social networks focused strictly on social interaction, or on platforms that provide independent content generation, such as videos and live streams.
Influencers and content creators benefit from this scenario and help to promote brands and products in their digital media. They play their part in this global advertising market by being targeted by specific companies to use the influencers and content creators base audience.
On the world’s largest video platform on the internet, there are 57.8 million creators. In the live game stream platform, 9.6 million. Millions in revenue are generated every day through this segment, and all the big brands try to partner with content creators to reach potential consumers.
Associating with social networks and content creators is not just a marketing specificity in a company, but a necessity given the new digital environment.