Get rewards by staking your $CUFFIES
At Cuffies, we believe on the importance to reward $CUFFIES long-term holders.
$CUFFIES token is powered through the Binance Smart Chain, where the Proof of Staked Authority consensus architecture (PoSA) is employed. It combines Proof of Authority (PoA) and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).
By developing our smart contracts on a proof-of-stake ecosystem, we are an energy-efficient alternative compared to proof-of-work projects, which requires mining devices that use computing power to solve mathematical equations.
Cuffies Pools are being developed in order to reward long-term investors and to reinforce the liquidity of the $CUFFIES token.
At the Cuffies Pools, holders of $CUFFIES token will be able to stake and yield farm.
Staking is the process to commit your crypto assets to support a blockchain network and to confirm transactions.
Yield farming involves lending cryptocurrency to reinforce the liquidity of the $CUFFIES token. In return, you get competitive interest on your loan.
At our website and app, it will be possible to stake and farm your $CUFFIES to allow you to earn passive income from it.
There are 5 million (5 000 000) $CUFFIES tokens allocated for the Cuffies Pools. Not all tokens will be available from start, with more $CUFFIES tokens being allocated to the pools on a quarterly basis.
Much consideration was taken on preparing competitive APRs (annual percentage rates) with realistic values and with a long-term sight.
It is important to mention that all these investment mechanisms present risks, specially associated with price volatility.
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