What makes us different?
Exciting gameplay and world-class team. True digital ownership: Celestia provides real ownership over in-game items by turning them into BEP-721 tokens/NFTs. Players gain the right to sell their items for real money, use them in Celestia, and even trade them within our ecosystem. Play to Earn: To catalyse competitive play and stimulate engagement, players can earn meaningful currencies and items, including the BEP-20 $Celestia token, by simply playing the game. The ability to earn tangible rewards serves as the key ingredient to supercharge our future growth.
An epic Game Economy: $Celestia tokens are designed to exist at the heart of the economy, being used by players to purchase new card packs and chests, craft their own NFT cards, and earn staking rewards.
By including $Celestia in the key facets of the experience, it creates a sustainable ecosystem where players have the economic freedom to earn from, and contribute to the economy - built between the flow of the Cuffies App.
Built to scale, Celestia digital assets live on BSC, but will soon be home on our native chain. More details soon.
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